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Alma Circulation Training

Create item on-the-fly

ALMA Menu > Manage Patron Services > Search for Patron > Create Item

Create item - Circ on-the-fly

  • If item has no barcode or is not found, click Create Item.

  • Choose New, select holding type as Book, click Save.

  • You must first select the placement of the new record.  ALWAYS select Institution.  
  • The mandatory fields that must be entered when creating an on-the-fly record are: TitleLibraryLocation, and Barcode.
  • Enter the Title. Please note the bottom Item Information area at the bottom. This is where you will enter the Library, Location, and Barcode information. 

  • Select the drop-down for the Library field. It will open the organization unit list.
  • Select SUNY Broome library. Then select a physical location for the item (probably CIRC).
  • Enter the barcode 


The record should now look like this:

  • Upon saving the item is charged out to the patron automatically.