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Alma Circulation Training

Checking OUT an item

Access "Manage Patron Services" found under "Fulfillment":

Use the scanner to scan in a patron ID.  If the patron does not have an ID, you can enter their B#, their MyCollege username, or conduct a search by clicking the “Select from a list” icon:

Be aware that if you use the 'select from list' tool to search for a patron, you have several different criteria you can search on such as First name, Last name, and email address. 

Note: Only the first ten results will show.  Be careful to select the correct user.

Once you've successfully either scanned or located the patron, take note that if the patron has any overdue fines, or reached any loan limits, a screen will pop up alerting you of such:

If you click the "Override" button, you can proceed and check out further items to patron. If you just click "Ok", then you can continue with viewing their record, but will not be allowed to checkout items.

Below is the Manage Patron Screen. By default, you will only see "Loans of this session" -- if you want to see all of the patrons current loans, select "All loans" beside Loan Display:


You can now scan the item(s) to check out and will notice each one display under Loan Display. At this point the item is checked out to the user, but be aware: You MUST click the "Done" button at top right after you have checked out all items in order for patron to receive emailed receipt! To print a receipt, click the "Print Slip" button.