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Alma Circulation Training

Checking IN an item

‚ÄčPlease note that these directions are for items that are returned by a patron. If you are receiving an item from another library that was in transit, please follow the instructions for receiving items transferred from another library. 

Go to "Return Items" which is found under "Fulfillment":

On the Manage Item Returns screen, scan each item. Notice each scanned in item will show the shelving (or transit) location in the "Next Step" column. When you are finished, click on the "Go to Patron services" to return to the "Manage Patron Services" screen. Clicking "Exit" will take you back to the homepage:

By default, patrons will NOT receive a return receipt by email. If there's a rare instance when a student requests a return receipt, please note that you must print the current list of returned item(s) from the browser window BEFORE hitting the "Exit" button. Once you hit "Exit", there's no way to retrieve the patron's checkout history.