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HIS 117:Pierog

A Global Historical Perspective on Women's Rights

The Role of Religion in World History

Books/Films In Our Library Collections

Online Resources

  • Religion in World History (Select the 'Resources' links across time to use this for brainstorming purposes--it is not an in-depth exploration but provides general information about the major religious ideas and influence of major faiths across world history or major eras within it. There are timelines, discussions of religious diffusion and adaptation processes, and effective ways to study religions and their influence on art, culture, and society.
  • Mapping Religion in World History (Many maps showing the movement and influence of world religions. Select those maps that cover the period covered in this class: 1500-present)
  • The Database of Religious History - From the University of British Columbia, a gateway to reliable, comprehensive knowledge concerning the history of religions around the world, and cultural history more generally.