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ENG 110 Sec. 27 (for K. Schaefer) Fall 2023

Library research guide.

Different Types of Resources

While researching your topic you will encounter different types of resources. Keep in mind the types of resources your instructor is requiring. Remember, they are giving you your grade!

Some examples:

  • magazine or newspaper articles
  • peer-reviewed journal articles
  • books (ebooks and print)
  • web pages/sites
  • videos

Scholarly and Popular Sources

How to tell the difference between scholarly and popular sources:

What is Peer-Reviewed?

Is your instructor asking for peer-reviewed journal articles? Peer-reviewed is when an author submits an article to a peer-reviewed journal and it is then reviewed by other scholars in the discipline. It is your more academic and scholarly literature. In many databases you can limit your searches to peer-reviewed articles/journals.

The Peer-Review Process

The Peer Review Process - video with CC and transcript - Western Universities - 2/28/11