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ENG 110 Sec. 27 (for K. Schaefer) Fall 2023

Library research guide.

Problems and Issues

Possible issues to consider:

  • "energy poverty"
  • homelessness
  • "economic struggle"
  • poverty
  • overtourism
  • "global warming" OR "climate change"
  • "electronic waste" OR "e-waste"
  • drugs
  • gangs
  • pollution

Searching Primo (Library's Discovery Tool)

Primo is the Library's discovery tool. It can be accessed from the Library's website.


Starting from the Library's website

  • go to the "advanced search"

circled: Primo; arrow to: advanced  search



  • search for "Almost Everything"
    • enter your terms in the search boxes
    • use quotations around phrases; single word terms do not need quotations around them
    • databases usually retrieve search results that include the plural of terms
    • use the * (asterisk) to get various endings of words, e.g., statistic* retrieves statistic, statistics, statistical, statistically
    • other possible search terms: cause, effect, issue, problem

arrows to: search for almost everything, use quotes to search a phrase, add a new line, search




  • refine results
    • select publication dates, and other options as you choose, e.g., available online, peer-reviewed journals

arrows to: refine your results, show only, publication date, resource type, subject, show more





  • to see more information on a search result, click on the title

arrow to: title of article




  • if your search result is an article
    • note the DETAILS for more information on your selection
    • select a database to retrieve it from, then follow the links to the article

arrows to: see details for more information on the article, select a database to retrieve the article from