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Student Employment

Information about working in the Cecil C. Tyrrell Library, as well as resources for current student workers

Working in the SUNY Broome Library

Yes, the Library DOES hire students!  Library Student Ambassadors are typically scheduled to work shifts that are 1-2 hours long between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday-Friday, for a maximum of 5-6 hours/week (dependent on the size of your federal work study award).  We do this to distribute your award across the entire semester, as well as provide continuity of coverage at library service points.  The current rate of pay is $15.00/hour, so your maximum weekly pay would be approximately $90 pre-tax.  There may be opportunities for evening or weekend work, depending on the Library needs, employee availability, and an employee's performance record.

The Library can hire approximately 6 students per semester. If you have a work study award as part of your federal financial aid package, please note this on the application.  There may be funding for students without a federal work study award - depending on the number of applicants, those positions may be competitive.

As of 3/18/2024, there are no hours available in the library.  Please check back in the fall!

Job Description - Student Ambassadors

- Provide directional assistance and communicate campus/library policies to patrons

- Assist library patrons in finding items through a familiarity with the Library of Congress system, the layout of Tyrrell Library and its collections.

- Check out/in and renew circulating materials on the automated system, answer phones, shelve books with accuracy, gather unshelved books, assist with opening/closing.

- Provide first level IT support to users with technical problems (Microsoft Office products and/or Google), in addition to showing patrons how to log onto MyCollege, BrightSpace, locate information in Banner, etc

- Assist with special projects as needed (i.e., stuff envelopes, input data, gallery, etc.).

- Professionally and appropriately represent the Cecil C. Tyrrell Library at campus events - open houses, activities, etc. - and participate in social media marketing campaigns.

Scheduling details

In terms of scheduling:

  • You cannot work when you have a scheduled class.
  • Your work schedule and your class schedule cannot "touch."  For example, if you have a class that ENDS at 10:00 am, you cannot have a work shift that STARTS at 10:00 am.  Additionally, our web time entry system is divided into 15-minute increments, so if you cannot clock in at 10:00 am, the next available time block would start at 10:15 am.  The same rule applies to the end of the shift -- i.e., if your class starts at noon, you must clock out at 11:45.
  • If all of this sounds confusing, don't worry - the Access Services Librarian builds schedules knowing all of this!  But that is also why it is important that you reply quickly and accept the shifts you are offered.  It is not uncommon to have multiple students apply with similar availability, and when this happens, schedules are offered in the order applications were received.  However, if you do not reply to emails from the librarian, the offer may move on to the next student in line!

Interested in applying?

Necessary paperwork

ALL campus jobs require:

  1. government-issued photo ID - typically a driver's license
  2. your ORIGINAL Social Security card - please do not bring a photo or copy!
  3. US form I-9
  4. federal W-4 tax form (please use the link under "Current Revision")
  5. New York State IT-2104 tax form
  6. direct deposit form - so your pay can be electronically sent to your bank account
  7. a SUNY Broome hiring form - obtained in-person from the department where you will work (as of 9/5/2023, this is transitioning to an online process)

*As of 9/5/2023, much of the paperwork described above is being handled by the college's Human Resources and Payroll departments.  This will make the process smoother for both student workers and supervisors! Regardless of where the paperwork resides, however, you WILL need a photo ID and your original Social Security card.

If you are a returning student employee, even if you worked in another department, some of the tax paperwork may already be on file.  Let your new supervisor know if this is the case.

If you are an international student, please check with Susan Wellington for other paperwork you may need (typically in connection with the I-9 residency form).  She is in the Admissions Office, her phone number is (607) 778-5187, and she can be reached via email at .