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POS 204 Sec. Y02 (for Michalak) Fall 2022

Library research guide.

Finding Government Websites

To find government websites add the following to your Google search:

  • on your search results scan the ending of the URLs for:   .gov

example searches:

note: use quotation marks for phrases; state names with only a single word do not need quotations

  • "new york" state
  • "new york" state government
  • "new york" state legislature
  • "new york" state governor
  • "new york" state "attorney general"
  • "new york" state "judicial system"
  • "new york" state "court system"
  • "new york" state constitution
  • "new york" state covid
  • "united states"

Google Searching

Some Tips:


  • use quotations around phrases, if it doesn't help your search results, remove them
  • OR between terms/phrases will yield search results for both
  • library guides for Evaluating Information and Media Literacy
  • tip: the source you find in your search results may not be the most credible source, but you can see if it mentions other sources of information that you can back-track to, and then evaluate the new source for credibility


Searching Google: