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Quick Tips

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  • Books: Search for books on the “books/media” tab.  Many of the chemistry books are on the second floor of the library, near the old elevator.
  • Articles: Search for articles on the “articles” tab.  (If you are off-campus, it will ask you for your MyCollege login information.)
  • Interlibrary loan: If we don’t have the book or article you need, we will borrow it from another library for you.  For free.  Books can take up to a week to get here; articles take 2-3 days.
  • Help:


Our library catalog allows you to search for books that we own, and books that you can borrow from another library.  If your search does not yield many results, try changing your search terms, or click on "other libraries" in the drop down menu.

Click the “get it” button to borrow the book from another library.

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Full list of chemistry journals

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