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APA Citation tutorial

Matching Reference and In-Text Citations Activity

For the four questions in this activity, match the reference citation to their corresponding in-text citation by choosing the correct in-text citation from a selection of choices.

Godin, K.M., Patte, K.A., & Leatherdale, S.T. (2018, February). Examining predictors of breakfast skipping and breakfast program use among secondary school students in the COMPASS study. Journal of School Health, 88(2), 150-158.

Centre for the Study of Historical Consciousness. (n.d.). Historical thinking concepts. Historical Thinking Project.

McRae, P. (2020, Winter). Ambiguous but gaining momentum. ATA Magazine, 100(2), 30-32.

Sensoy, Ö., & DiAngelo, R. (2017). Is everyone really equal?: An introduction to key concepts in social justice education (2nd ed.). Teachers College Press.