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How to Create A Naxos Playlist


        1. Navigate to Naxos via the database link above.

        2. Click the 'Log Out' button.  



     3.  Enter the administrative login so you can create a playlist that students can access.  Contact the library for the username and password.



      4. Search for music to add to a new or existing playlist and select track(s) for inclusion in a playlist by clicking the checkbox.  Click the '+' button to add to a playlist. 



      5.  Add tracks to an existing playlist.  In the Select Location section of the window, choose 'Broome Community College Playlist' from the 'Tab' field.  This will ensure students can access the tracks.  Then select a folder (generally a course name).  Finally, select a playlist or add a new one and hit the 'Save' button.  




Students can now access the playlist you created by going to the Naxos database, clicking on the 'Playlists' button on the left-hand side of the page, selecting 'Broome Community College Playlist' and the Course Folder to reach the selected tracks.