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OverDrive ebooks

Meet Libby


What Is Libby? 

  • Libby is an easy-to-use app created by OverDrive and is ideal for mobile devices.
  • Libby is a collection of e-books and audiobooks containing popular fiction and non-fiction, books common to courses, and free classics. 

How do I get Libby?

There are two methods for using Overdrive/Libby: 

Browser Method

App Method

Visit the Libby/Overdrive Interface for SUNY Broome ( Access thousands of ebooks and audiobooks in this collection.  Once you click 'Sign in with my card' you will see SUNY Broome listed.  Use your mycollege username and password to authenticate and begin borrowing books! 

Members of the SUNY Broome Community can also download the Libby app (Apple, Google Play, or Amazon Kindle) and access with their MyCollege ID  and Password.


How Do I Use Libby?

Read or listen to books on a phone or tablet using the free Libby app (Apple, Android, Kindle Fire, Kobo and others) a desktop or laptop computer. 

How do I Authenticate (Log In)?

For both the browser version of Overdrive/Libby and the app, you must login with your MyCollege ID  and Password.