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THR 114 Sec. 01 (for Bacon) Spring 2023

Library research guide.

Accessing SUNY Broome Library's E-Resources

When remotely accessing the Library's e-resources, you will get a SUNY Broome dialog box asking for your SUNY Broome (mycollege) username and password.

Link to Library's Website

Searching Primo (Library's Discovery Tool)


Search Primo, found on the Library's home page. (searches most of the Library's databases at once)

  • How to Find an Article (includes directions for interlibrary loan, in case we don't have the article you want)
  • How to Find a Book (includes directions for interlibrary loan, in case we don't have the book you want)


Searching Primo

The following example uses the "Advanced Search."


Primo, arrow to Advanced Search


  • search for: "Almost Everything"
  • then one option to try is a "subject" search
    • in the first search line ​​change "Any field" to "Subject"  - drop-down menu - (see red oval below)
    • note: in a "Subject" search you can search by the title of the work. You can also search by the name of the author; this person will then be the subject (not author) in the results.
    • If the subject search does not retrieve results for your selected author try an "Any field" search.
    • If the subject search does not retrieve results searching for a work, try an "Any Field" search. Use quotes around the title of it; the title has to be exact for this to work.
  • to narrow the focus of your search, in the second search box try "Any field" searches with other terms/phrases, for example:
    • interpretation, critic*, analysis, review, biograph*, "character study" 
    • search example: 
      • interpretation OR analysis OR critic*
        • capitalize OR to broaden the search
        • * use the asterisk to get various endings of the term
        • try quotes around phrases

advanced search, arrows to: search everything, use AND to narrow search, use OR to broaden search, use asterisk to get various endings of term, add new line, search, circled search filters: subject, any field

search example:

Subject  contains            frankenstein   

AND  Any field  contains   interpretation OR analysis OR critic*    




  • refine your search, e.g., available online, publication dates, peer-reviewed (if needed), resource type
    • ​limits are on left side of the results page

arrows to: refine your results, show only, peer-reviewed journals if needed, publication date, resource type



  • refining your search by subject(s) can help (left side - results page)
    • open up "Show More" to see the subject list
    • selecting one or two, at a time, sometimes works best

arrows to: subject, Frankenstein, novel, show more



  • example of set Active Filters:
    • to remove a filter click on the "X"
    • you can also reset all the filters

arrows to: active filters, reset filters, to remove a filter click on the x




  • selecting and accessing an eBook or article from your search results
    • select ebook or article by clicking on the blue title

arrow to title of work



  • on the following details record:
    • see publication information
    • see DETAILS for more information about the item
    • under "View Online," select a database to access the article (or eBook)
    • follow links to access the item

ebook record, circled: book, available online, view online; arrows to: details for more information about the item, full text availability, database to access ebook from





  • selecting a print book from your search results
    • select book by clicking on the blue title

arrows to: title of book, circulating books indicating it's a print book



  • print book record
    • see DETAILS for more information about the item
    • check if it is available
    • note the call # to locate the book
    • note citation tool

arrows to: details for more information about the book, check availability, use call # to locate book, citation tool