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MUS 113 Course Exhibit Project (for O'Connell) Fall 2021

Library guide for MUS 113, Fall 2021.

Exhibit Project

Welcome to the Library!

Your course has a very exciting project this semester! You will be creating an exhibit for The Gallery @ SUNY Broome. The Gallery is located on the first floor of the Library.


How to Contact Us

Book a Librarian


For librarians, email us - in subject line put: MUS 113 Exhibit

  • Paul Bond
  • Dana Curtin
  • Noah Roth
  • Erin Wilburn


Gallery Curator: Robin Valashinas

  • email:
  • in email subject line put: MUS 113 Exhibit
  • will help you with setting up your exhibit in The Gallery @ SUNY Broome

Librarians and Gallery Curator Here to Help You!



Paul BondDana CurtinRobin Petrus

Noah RothRobin ValashinasErin Wilburn    


(Top Row) Paul Bond, Dana Curtin, Robin Petrus (Library Director)

(Bottom Row) Noah Roth, Robin Valashinas (Gallery Curator), Erin Wilburn

Link to the Library's Website

Librarians Can Help You With ...

  • your research
  • locating and accessing materials
  • copyright information
  • creating posters