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LIT 291 Sec. WY1 (for Shepard) Spring 2023

Library research guide.

Accessing SUNY Broome Library's E-Resources

When remotely accessing the Library's e-resources, you will get a SUNY Broome dialog box asking for your SUNY Broome (mycollege) username and password.

Link to Library's Website

Literature and Its Context (select a tab below)

Literature and Its Times

"Provides in-depth commentary on characters, themes, and the historical and social context of 300 most-studied literary works, including novels, plays, poems, speeches, and short stories, both international and American." GLRC


literature and its times, arrow to: search within publication




For the following, if you look at the DETAILS of a book's record, you can view the title contents of the book to see if it has a chapter on the work you are researching.

  • see Literature collection
  • see History collection
    • includes: Great Events from History


  • authors and works from 1945+  (published 2016)
  • direct link to Person Search in Gale Literature
    • you can do your author search here
      • enter author's name in "Person Search" box, search
      • on the next screen, under "NAMES," select your author
      • next on the "SHOWING RESULTS FOR" screen, select the "Biographies" tab


  • authors and works from 1945+  (published 2016)


Google search:

  • example search: "authors name in quotations" interview

"j. k. rowling" interview


Searching Google: