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ENG 107 (for Nguyen) Fall 2022

Library research guide.

Selected Databases

How to Find an Article

How to Find an Article - See the second part of this guide for searching individual databases for articles.

Search Strategy - Shopping Behavior

example search:

men OR women OR gender


"shopping habits" OR "consumer behavior" OR "gender materialism"


  • capitalize OR, AND (see above example)
  • you can further narrow your search by adding:
    • country and nationality, e.g., mexico OR mexican
    • terms: comparison OR differences
  • refine your search results

Search Strategies - Cultural Differences

  • Some strategies to try:
    • keyword searches (words anywhere)::
      • country name AND "manners & customs"
      • country name AND etiquette
      • kenya AND "social life & customs"
      • france  AND "description & travel"
      • "united states" AND "food habits"
      • mexico AND "food preferences"
      • vietnam AND festivals
      • brazil AND holidays
      • iraq AND customs
      • jamaica AND music

SUNY Broome Library's Databases

Accessing SUNY Broome Library's E-Resources

When remotely accessing the Library's e-resources, you will get a SUNY Broome dialog box asking for your SUNY Broome (mycollege) username and password.

Link to Library's Website