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COM 240 Sec. 1 (for Bongiorno) Fall 2022

Library research guide.

Finding Articles and Books Using Primo

You can access Primo, the Library's discovery tool, from the Library's home page.

Example Search - Finding Articles in Primo

The following example uses the "Advanced Search."

Primo - arrow pointing to Advanced Search.

  • "Advanced Search" box
    • select "Articles"    (see red arrow)
    • search example:

Any field contains             "media literacy"    (use quotations to search as a phrase)

AND Any field contains      education

ADD A NEW LINE if you need more search lines    (see red arrow)

In Primo, capitalize ANDs to narrow search (very important in "Quick" or "Simple" Search").

Note Article search, Add New Line. Quotations for phrase search. Capitalized AND narrows search.


  • on the results page set filters to narrow your results
  • ​Active Filters
  • To remove filters, click on the X

Primo, arrow pointing to Active filters.


  • refine your results, to narrow your search

Primo, arrows pointing to refining your results, including peer-review if needed.


  • selecting subject(s) will narrow the focus of your search (on left, results page)
    • ​sometimes one or two, at a time, work best

Primo, search narrowed by subjects.

Primo Example - How to Access Articles

  • from  your results page, select an article by clicking on the blue title (see red arrow below)

Primo - Arrow pointing to article title.


  • ​details record
    • scroll down to see description of article
    • note the citation tool
    • under "View Online," select a database to access the article (or eBook)
    • follow links to access

Details Record, arrows to citation tool, selecting a database, peer-reviewed, details.

Link to Library's Website

Accessing SUNY Broome Library's E-Resources

When remotely accessing the Library's e-resources, you will get a SUNY Broome dialog box asking for your SUNY Broome (mycollege) username and password.