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How to turn on Closed captioning in Zoom: Home

Zoom Instructions

Zoom instructions for turning on live transcription:


Step by Instructions with Images

Step 1: Turn on Captions in your Zoom account

Log into your account on the Zoom website, then click on settings.  The "meeting" tab should be selected by default.  Click on or scroll down to "In Meeting (Advanced)".

Zoom settings menu

The closed captioning toggle should be the fourth item in the “In Meeting (Advanced)” section.  Toggle closed captioning and “Enable live transcription…” to active/on. Click "Save" to save your settings.

Zoom Closed Captioning settings


Step 2: Turn on closed captioning in the Zoom client

To turn on closed captions in the Zoom client, open the Zoom client on your desktop or mobile device.  Click on "New Meeting" to start a Zoom meeting.

Zoom desktop client


Once the meeting has started, click on “Live Transcript” in the toolbar, then click on “Enable Auto-Transcription” to turn on closed captioning.

Closed Caption settings in the Zoom client

 On a mobile device, you may have to click on "More" in the toolbar to access this option.

Closed caption menu settings on a mobile device


When meeting participant speaks, the closed captions will appear near the bottom of the screen.

Zoom closed captions


Click on the carrot (up arrow) next to the "Live Transcript" button to change the closed caption settings or to view the full transcript in the sidebar.

Zoom closed caption settings