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SPK 110 Sec. 03 (for McKenna) Spring 2023

Library research guide.

Polls, Data, and Other Web Resources

More Data and Statistics

Data and statistics can provide information to support your argument. There are numerous ways available to you to find this information. Remember to check the date of the data, so you can place it in context.

Some possibilities:

  • poll data - see box above
  • reading through articles, often you will find data in them
    • if you're having difficulty finding articles with data, try adding the phrase "statistics OR data" to your search
  • In the CQ Researcher database, in your search results, check out the Maps/Graphs option.
  • In the database Opposing Viewpoints in Context, look for "Statistics" in your result options (displayed along with Viewpoints, Magazines, Academic Journals ...)
  • Try the Statista database. Lots of graphs, charts and reports.