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ENG 110 Secs. 20, 25, Y15 (for S. Schaefer) Fall 2022

Accessing SUNY Broome Library's E-Resources

When remotely accessing the Library's e-resources, you will get a SUNY Broome dialog box asking for your SUNY Broome (mycollege) username and password.

Link to Library's Website

Places to Browse for Ideas/Issues - Viewpoint Databases

  • Opposing Viewpoints in Context  Includes topic overviews and viewpoint articles. Also has academic journals, magazines, news, videos, and statistics.
    • see "BROWSE ISSUES" (note red arrow, below)
    • then follow links to select an article




  • CQ Researcher  Articles include: topic overviewhistorical background, chronology, pros/cons. Also includes "Hot Topics."
    • see "BROWSE TOPICS" and "HOT TOPICS" (note red arrows, below)
    • then follow links to select an article


Places to Browse for Ideas - Salem Press Collection

Online access to SUNY Broome's Salem Press collection.

Places to Browse for Ideas - Science